What we do

We are an executive search firm covering two main activities:

  • Executive search
  • Executive / team assessment

Dedicated to financial services in France, ROC Partners has an expertise in the following sectors:

  • Capital markets
  • Corporate and investment banking
  • Private banking / Family office
  • Asset management
  • Alternative investments:
    • Private equity
    • Private debt
    • Infrastructure
    • Real estate
    • Hedge funds

ROC, for Return On Culture:

  • Summarizes perfectly what we consider to be the essence of our business –
  • – since a candidate’s ability to adapt to a new cultural environment is considerably more difficult to evaluate than his or her technical expertise.

The variety of our own experiences as banker and head hunter in Chicago, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo enables us:

  • To help our clients to consider what is or what should be their corporate culture.
  • To present them with candidates, wherever the candidate’s current geographic location, who meet their cultural and technical environment goals.
  • To evaluate their staff.