Why choose us?

Deeply committed to our business, our sole success criterion is the long-term performance of the candidates we recommend. Consequently:

  • We only accept mandates for sectors or job descriptions which correspond to our recognized areas of expertise.
  • Our relationship with clients is that of a partnership based on in-depth knowledge of the company, its strategy, its culture, its organization and its products.
  • We are scrupulous about meeting targets and deadlines.

Our independent boutique structure provides our clients with:

  • The guarantee that all contacts with candidates will be handled by the consultant.
  • Objectivity in candidate selection.
  • An off-limits environment unencumbered by constraints.
  • Flexibility in determining our fees.

Our experience gathered in the main American, Asian and European financial centers enables us:

  • To understand strategic evolution in financial services worldwide, and its impact on the French market.
  • To instill an atmosphere of trust, and hence of dialogue, with candidates from widely diverse backgrounds.
  • To broaden the vision of a candidate for a company / for a position.
  • To analyze the integration potential of a candidate for a new environment based on intuition acquired from very diverse circumstances.
  • To be creative in candidate selection.